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Zend Framework page-a-day Calendar 2012 in Japanese

A Happy New Year everyone from Japan!!

In Japan, a new year 2012 has already came.

Zend Framework Page A Day Calendar 2012

We can find articles of Zend Framework in Japanese fewer than the number of other frameworks, I think. Because CakePHP and CodeIgniter are more popular than ZF. in 2011, Japanese Zend Framework Page A Day Calendar is about to start.

ref: Japanese Zend Framework Page A Day Calendar

ZF users will write small tips of Zend Framework (zf), which has PHP framework component libraries of PHP, page a day: DB, Debug, UnitTest, Zend_Service*, History, Architecture and Documentations..

You can read the article of the first day, which is about Zend Framework and History of Web Framework here (Japanese only). It's very interesting. I am looking forward to reading them:)